Ferminted Fruitz
3,333 Grapez have began ferminting on the Ethereum Network
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We're starting the project off with our Ferminted Grapez collection. These will be used as our 'Genesis Token' along the roadmap.
Ferminted Grapez
The Genesis Token (Grapez) will earn all holders free assets within future collections.
We want to give back to those who had a bad 'Degen Summer' and Ferminted a little too hard on a rug...
Degen Summer?

We have plenty of ETH & NFT giveaways planned to reward those early investors, as well as new members of the community!

Our passion is this.. We are very excited to build in the Web3 space and provide real world utility and value to holders!
IRL ventures will feed Fruitz..
IRL Fruition🍷🍁
#FermintedNation is a family!
Start Ferminting Now!
(Check back after mint for more info)
Our Community🍇

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FermintedFruitz?

We are dedicated to creating real world value with an interactive community who holds a vested interest through their NFTs.
Our project will be multi-faceted and will be released in waves as we progress down our roadmap.
We understand some of you may have had a full on Degen Summer, and ferminted on a rug too hard recently; so we are here to help repair those damages and prove not all NFT projects are the same. We have several unique ways that we plan to give back to those early investors in our project.

How many Grapez are available?

3,333 Grapez will be available to mint at launch.

How many can I mint?

You can mint 10 Grapez per wallet.

How much will it cost to mint?

When is the launch?

To Be Announced